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We live and breathe custom marine exhaust.  From individual parts to redesigning entire systems, no one has a better reputation, warranty, or record than National Marine Exhaust. 


All custom orders receive:

  • Expert diagnosis of the problem and solution

  • Expert review of measurements and photos of engine compartment

  • Components built in our factory north of Seattle, WA USA

  • Finest grade stainless steel, fiberglass, or materials

  • Quality tested and checked

  • Expert installation advice or the option to have National Marine Exhaust complete the installation

Our custom exhaust experience spans tens of thousands of boats from Bayliner to huge commercial vessels.  We’ve solved every kind of problem imaginable.  Our parts outlast our competition by years.  Our expert help and quality processes save you from the nightmare of parts that don’t fit, or worse, blow out shortly after installation.

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