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Bayliner HINO

National Marine Exhaust has custom designed aftermarket Bayliner Hino exhaust parts to increase fuel efficiency, reduce noise, last longer, and easily out-perform stock parts.

Exhaust Riser Cans

Light weight stainless steel risers designed to increase the exhaust flow from the turbo, maximizing engine fuel economy, reducing noise by 10 db, and putting stock cast iron risers to shame.

175 Hino Riser Cans Port + Stbd
310 Hino Swept Risers

Swept Style Risers

Also known as Water Cooled or Jacketed Stainless Steel Risers, our ‘Swept Style’ risers are designed to maximize the exhaust flow for higher horsepower Hino engines.

National Marine Exhaust services the entire exhaust system, from turbo to transom. Have questions about risers or riser cans, wet or dry marine mufflers, collectors, or bellows on your Bayliner Hino? Contact us.

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